More features coming soon

2018-04-07 v2.3.4
• Fishing rod for combat, stealing items and fishing
• New food: Shrimp and salmon. Can be cooked

2018-03-30 v2.3.3
• Wall and spikewall and door health 2.5x as much
• Turret range increased a bit
• Recycling an item takes 3 hits with hand or any weapon
• Hammers and miners deal additional damage to buildings
• Furnace will produce iron in 3 seconds instead of 5
• Takes way longer to starve

2018-03-27 v2.3.2
• Leaderboard added to the game
• Boss gives less score and xp. Sight radius of boss increased
• Iron gets produced faster in furnace

2018-03-25 v2.3.1
• Minimap shows terrain now
• Ghosts nerfed: health, attack, speed, leash

2018-03-23 v2.3
• Boss in the center of the map. Protecting ores
• New ore adamant and new weapons and armor
• New secret weapon
• Crates to store your stuff inside
• New enemies protecting ores near the center
• Dummy can be used to check damage dealt from weapons

2018-03-16 v2.2.1
• Control suggestions now shown to the player
• Walls and spikewalls cheaper. No more wood required
• Resource spots increased up to 10,000 resources
• Symbols over crafing bar showing info now

2018-03-11 v2.2
• Auto miner building added
• Resource spots give more resources
• Player gets resources and xp back after death
• Recipes are now always shown in the crafting bar
• Projectiles better visible
• Flickering healthbar bug fixed

2018-03-06 v2.1 (Release)
• Health and berry potion added
• Shovel and bucket added
• New material: Glass which is made from sand
• Piles which can be used as floor pavement

2018-03-03 v2.0.1
• Lava can kill you now after you left it already(red bar in health bar)
• Auto jump by holding shift on a jumper
• Furnace no more wasting fuel overage
• Chat history can be hidden while chatting
• Inverted mousewheel direction for inventory selection
• Clan leader always owns all buildings now(makes betrayal impossible)

2018-02-20 v2.0 (Beta)
• Improved most graphics
• Ammo for all ranged weapons
• Shift for high shot, which shoots over resources
• New resources coal, ironore, berry bush
• Furnace melting iron
• Jumpers
• New items: Cooked Meat, Iron
• Minimap king icon replaced by 3 crowns
• Death stats
• Recipe book added
• Crafting Bar description
• Description for player stats
• Smooth character animations
• Bandwidth consumption reduced
• Chat history
• Site re-designed
• Building while holding mouse now possible
• Preventing accidental item drop(drag and drop)
• Weapons right sided
• Weapons have attack speed now
• Nerfed turrets: less accurate now
• Nerfed crossbow: less base damage and armor piercing
• Change properties of some weapons
• Removed number of hostile animals and made them weaker

2018-01-16 v1.1.1
• Duplication bug fixed
• Wolf and bear move slower
• Server memory leak removed
• Server crashing bug fixed

2017-10-18 v1.1
• Added pig and made animals look more beautiful
• Created two new weapons(crowsbar, slingshot) and changed stats of all weapons
• Introduced "Come at me" button for the best player
• Adjusted item prices, made troll faster and animals faster and stronger and turrets weaker

2017-10-05 v1.0 (Release)
• Release Version